Rescued Bull Terrier’s First Time On A Bed Is Actually Too Much To Handle

Rescued Bull Terrier’s First Time On A Bed Is Actually Too Much To Handle

It’s unbelievable to loving dog pawrents that there are pups out there who have never experienced a kind word, a gentle touch, or even a soft place to rest. Millie, the dog featured in this video, has no voice to tell us what her life was like before her luck changed. But from now on, rescuers are going to make sure her days are filled with comfort, joy, and love.

millie 3

Millie is 44 pounds of butt-wiggling cuteness. In September, the seven year old Bull Terrier came to Pibbles and More Animal Rescue. They don’t know much about her history, but they do know that she had several litters of puppies and that she did not receive adequate medical care.

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Rescuers, including her first foster mom Jill Stafford, think it’s likely that Millie never experienced what it’s like to live in a real home or to cuddle on a real bed.

This was the sweet (and silly) girl’s reaction when she hopped up onto Jill’s bed for the first time:

Millie learns about beds. Hilarious

Posted by Jill Stafford on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Do you think she’s happy? We’re going to go with YES! This is one very happy girl!

Beds aren’t the only new thing Millie has experienced with Jill. Jill says that Millie didn’t know what to do with her first bone, either.

She didn’t know what to do with it. She picked it up and set it down probably 20 times then she just looked at it.

It wasn’t until Jill’s other dog Mia began to chew on a bone, that Millie figured out what to do with the treat.

millie 2

Millie is up for adoption and ready to snuggle up with her forever humans. Hopefully, those humans will let her jump on a few beds once in awhile.

feature image via, h/t Huffington Post