Pup Mom Saves Her Puppies From Forest Fire Blaze By Digging A Hole

Pup Mom Saves Her Puppies From Forest Fire Blaze By Digging A Hole

Dogs are remarkably heroic. They guide the blind, serve police enforcement, assist the elderly, and the list goes on and on. Their many talents are well known but somehow, they still manage to surprise us with their good hearts and loyal demeanor. This rang true yet again when a dog, now nicknamed Blacky, saved her litter of nine from a blazing forest fire in Chile.

Blacky 2
The forest fire is believed to have begun on an illegal landfill site, close to Valparaiso, Chile. Shortly after the flames began to spread, Blacky found herself in a horrifying situation – caught in the fire along with her entire litter of nine puppies. Instead of fleeing, the courageous dog stayed alongside her week-old pups. She acted quickly and dug a hole beneath a metal container for the dogs to take shelter.

Blacky 4

While firefighters were fighting the flames, residents told them they had seen a dog, leading puppies away from the fire. The rescuers went out in search of the canines and thankfully, found all ten dogs alive.

Blacky 3

Since their rescue, a number of dog ruving locals have come forward to adopt the puppies along with their mother! And that’s what we call, a pupfect ending 😉


H/t Daily Mail