Innovative Production Company Finds Fool-Proof Way To Get Shelter Pups Adopted

Innovative Production Company Finds Fool-Proof Way To Get Shelter Pups Adopted

Samantha Northart and Justin Liebergen (a.k.a. Pack Leader and Alpha Dog) are the mutt-lovin’ masterminds behind Pup Pals, a videography service that is helping adoptable dogs across the country find their furever homes.

Working in various shelters for years, Northart and Liebergen noticed that the “sales pitch” for many adoptable dogs was lacking; a picture and a blurb on an adoption site can only show so much. They don’t showcase that one dog wags his tail using his whole body, or that another pup wiggles when she walks, or makes pig noises, or any of the other one-of-a-kind traits that cause people to fall in love with pups!

Pup Pals writes on their fundraising page:

We meet with rescues, find out the dogs who are highly adoptable but have been overlooked, and discover what is unique and interesting about them. We then create highlight videos that honestly share their story with potential adopters, so the adopter can have a much better idea of what this fur-ever friend would be like in their home! And we do all of this at NO COST to the Foster or Rescue!

And it works! Treasure, a Labrador/Pit mix, was available for adoption at Louie’s Legacy for ten months, but after her Pup Pals video was posted she found a loving home in less than two weeks!

Then there’s the Australian Shepherd mix, Bear, who, after not having any prospects for months, found his forever family just five days after his Pup Pals video!

Pup Pals doesn’t just help adoptable dogs, it’s also hugely beneficial for rescue shelters. Since dogs with Pup Pals videos are finding forever homes so quickly, there is more space and resources for shelters to help other dogs in need!

It’s all on their IndieGoGo page and this puplifting video…

The videos are adorable, but more importantly, they’re effective! It’s a brilliant way to find adoptable dogs a home, so let’s help Pup Pals become a bone-a-fide production company by donating on their fundraising page!

Also, I highly recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel to meet all the Pup Pals up for adoption!

Like BK in New York!

And Maude in Los Angeles!

Keep pup the good work, Pup Pals!

Featured Image via Pup Pals