This Puppy’s Fate Was Decided By Craigslist, And No One Thought It’d Turn Out Like This

This Puppy’s Fate Was Decided By Craigslist, And No One Thought It’d Turn Out Like This

Sanctuary Rescue generally saves pregnant and nursing mothers. But then one of their rescue friends heard of a co-worker whose dogs had had an accidental litter and was going to put the puppies on Craigslist as “free to a good home.”

Knowing the fate of many of the puppies listed on Craigslist for “free,” Sanctuary convinced the man to surrender the puppies to them instead (and also spay and neuter his pups). Of the five Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu (or Boshih) mixes rescued, Pepper was one.


From the first, Pepper (or Brady, as she was initially named) made her pretense known. Though she was the runt, what she lacked in size, she made up in personality.

As Sanctuary Rescue told BarkPost,

“So Pepper/Brady Boshih was the runt, but was an absolute diva spitfire from the moment her paws hit the ground. She was THE boss of her sister and brothers.”

With so much spark, Sanctuary knew they just had to submit Pepper to the Puppy Bowl casting call. They sent in her pics and video, and waited. Sure enough, Animal Planet also thought Pepper had that star pup quality, and they cast her in the biggest puppy TV event of the year!

Not only that, but Animal Planet’s “Yes” came in five minutes after Pepper got adopted into her furever home:

“Literally five minutes after she was adopted, we got word that Brady Boshih had officially made it into the Puppy Bowl filming. That’s also about the time that Brady Boshih became Pepper Boshih!”

Pepper’s parents happily agreed to let their new pup get her 15 minutes of fame. They even set up an Instagram for her!

If you want to learn more about Sanctuary Rescue, check out their Facebook Page! As for Pepper, you can follow her further adventures at @pepperbabyboshih on Instagram. Make sure to check out Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XI this weekend and see Pepper tear up the field and the screen with her adorable scrappiness on Team Fluff!

Watch Pepper meet her fans below!

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Featured Image via Sanctuary Rescue