Employee Quits Job At Pet Store After Puppy Dies In Her Arms

Employee Quits Job At Pet Store After Puppy Dies In Her Arms

A former employee of a Petland pet store in Florida is accusing the store of causing the death of one of the puppies that was available for sale. The employee, Rylee Barr, says that all of the puppies, who she claims come from puppy mills, are left in deplorable conditions and denied medical care.

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She told a local newspaper:

“Five or six dogs would be in one crate and they would all have a form of kennel cough. Honestly, there were no healthy dogs, just dogs that were less sick than the other ones.”

Rylee was always concerned about the conditions in which the dogs were living, but it wasn’t until one died in her arms that she quit her job and began speaking out.

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According to her, one of the puppies had stopped eating and was clearly in need of medical attention. Other employees at Petland ignored her pleas to have the pup taken to the vet. The dog eventually passed away while Rylee was cradling her in her arms. It is unclear what caused the puppy’s death, but parvovirus is a possibility, as many puppy mill and pet store pups carry the disease and may not receive appropriate vaccinations.

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Many local residents are joining Rylee in her quest to end puppy mills and the selling of dogs in pet stores. There have already been town meetings to discuss passing a ban on pet stores selling dogs and cats. Many counties across the country already have such laws on the books.

Watch a local news report on the current situation, including an interview with Petland employees:

Petland claims that their animals only come from reputable breeders and not puppy mills. While this may be true, the ASPCA reports that the majority of pets sold at stores are from puppy mills.

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