Tiny Puppy Miraculously Survives Being Trapped In A Dryer For 30 Minutes

Tiny Puppy Miraculously Survives Being Trapped In A Dryer For 30 Minutes

When you’re a pup parent, you think about all of the hazards that could pose a danger to your dog. You take every precaution to keep the worst from happening. But, there are things that might never cross your mind, no matter how good of a pawrent you are.

None of us would ever think that a dryer would pose a danger to our dog. How could it? But, Penny, a three month old Boston Terrier, almost lost her life because of one.

dryer puppy 2

Penny was playing with her two year old tiny human when the toddler locked her in the dryer with some wet clothes. No one knows why this happened, but it was likely during a game of hide and seek. Without realizing that the puppy was in the dryer, the girl’s sister turned on the machine to dry the wet clothes that she knew were inside.

When Christine, the girls’ mother, returned home, she discovered the dog was missing. She searched everywhere and then something made her check the dryer. Inside was Penny, roasting hot, but still alive. She immediately took the puppy to the vet.

dryer puppy 4

No one had hope that she would recover, but two days after the incident, Penny was running around and playing like normal. There was no lasting damage.

dryer puppy

We are so happy that Penny is alright! And this story certainly serves as a reminder that not all pawtential hazards are obvious ones and we need to be super vigilant to keep our pups safe!

Watch Penny’s story below:

h/t Mirror.