Adorable Puppy Learns How To Walk Just Two Days After Being Saved From Puppy Mill

When Daniel was rescued from a puppy mill along with 294 other dogs in Madison County, Arkansas on March 3, he was unable to use his front legs to walk. Well, wouldn’t you know it, only two days after being rescued by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), he has begun to walk!

In a heartstring-tugging video posted to HSUS’s Facebook page, precious Daniel can be seen whimpering and struggling to move in the filthy, dark barn in which the dogs were kept. But fear not! The next shot shows Daniel enjoying the sunshine and – gasp – walking like he wasn’t completely incapable just two days ago!

Jessica Lauginiger, the puppy mills response manager for HSUS’s Animal Rescue Team, said in a press release:

Arkansas’ lack of a laws regulating commercial dog breeding makes the state a hotbed for puppy mill operators, and this case is no exception.

According to the same press release, the dogs were living in “unsafe and unsanitary conditions with untreated medical conditions” and the photos HSUS posted to Facebook are nothing short of heart-wrenching.

puppymill1 puppymill2

The pups have been taken to a temporary shelter where they are receiving medical care and we’re sure Daniel is just the first amazing triumph story in this nightmare turned superhero tale.

Featured image via The Humane Society of the United States
H/t The Humane Society of the United States