Former Puppy Mill Mama Abandoned At Shelter Just Wants A Human To Cuddle Forever

Former Puppy Mill Mama Abandoned At Shelter Just Wants A Human To Cuddle Forever

Mischa, an adorable little Shih Tzu mix, isn’t just looking for a forever home – She’s looking for a forever “lap.” She has been so deprived of love all of her life that she simply can’t get enough now.

Mishca down 2

Her owners left her at a New Jersey shelter after she could no longer provide them with puppies for their business. She was in such bad condition that the shelter could not provide for her medical needs. She was in danger of being put down before rescue intervened. Anyone who has met Mischa will tell you the same thing: “She just wants to be loved.” One can only assume that she experienced very little affection in her past.

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Road To Home Rescue, who took over after another rescue pulled Mischa from the NJ shelter, doesn’t even know her age. We spoke with co–founder Elyse Giurco and she told us that Mischa’s teeth were in such poor shape (a hallmark of puppy mill dogs, though we don’t know if that’s what her previous situation was) that not even the veterinarian could tell how old she was.

To make matters worse, her sexual organs were ravaged. It was clear that she’d had litter upon litter of puppies, and that she lived her whole life up until now as a breeding machine.

After having three mammary tumors removed (all benign thankfully) and extensive dental work, Mischa has been patiently waiting for a forever home with her foster mommy Melissa. It’s certain that Mischa is an older lady (Elyse guesses that she is at least 10), but she still has a lot of pep and energy – she loves to play!

Melissa says she’s a fan of “running and walks and having her belly rubbed.” But most of all, Mischa is a lap dog. Elyse thinks she would do well with an older or retired person that spends a good amount of time at home so that Mischa can be lavished with all of the attention she missed in her former life.

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Foster mom Melissa told us:

She is an angel. I don’t think she ever saw real grass before me. She was scared in the dog park. It took her so long to understand what to do I cried. She kept walking up to the rocks and the real grass and running away scared, and would slowly walk back… several times before she walked on it.

Due to wanting all of the attention to herself, Mischa would do best as an only pet. Over time in her foster, she has become more accustomed to Melissa’s other dog, so Elyse is hopeful that she would be okay with a male dog after proper introductions. Mischa’s perfect forever owner should be prepared for lots of snuggles! That’s a requirement.

Mischa Melissa

Road to Home is in desperate need of help with Mischa’s medical bills. So far they have spent over $1400 on her care, and have only raised $28 dollars on her fundraising page. Without donations, saving dogs like Mischa just isn’t possible. The more we give, the more dogs rescues can save and find happy endings to sad beginnings like Mischa’s. Together we can do this, one dog at a time!

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If interested in becoming Mischa’s “forever lap,” please email Road To Home Rescue at [email protected] Be sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages, and check out their website for other adorable adoptables like Mischa!

Featured Image via: Melissa DePaula