Compassionate Human Creates Pop-Up Puppy Parking Garage

Compassionate Human Creates Pop-Up Puppy Parking Garage

An Austin woman recently launched an ingenious business to protect dogs from hot cars. Her company, aptly named The Barking Garage, operates out of the local Gateway Shopping Center.

Mary Traverse, who is a chiropractor for both humans and dogs, was motivated by the recent rise in canine hot car deaths and her own personal experiences.

She says:

“I live a little bit outside of town and I love to have my dogs with me, but I just can’t stand it. I can’t even run into the grocery store.”

Mary converted a bright yellow car hauler into a temporary doggie day care. The inside of the hauler is insulated, air conditioned and decorated in bright colors.

barking garage 1

Mary wants everyone to have the option of bringing their pets along for a ride, while still keeping them safe.

The Barking Garage accommodates dogs of all sizes and prices start at a mere $10 an hour.

The service has yet to catch on, but it’s only been open for two weeks. We think this is a great idea and hope other enterprising humans will start something similar in their own city!

h/t KVUE.