12 Puppies Who Are Just Starting To Figure Out This Whole Paws Thing

12 Puppies Who Are Just Starting To Figure Out This Whole Paws Thing

PUPPIES + Puppy Paws = A mega cutesplosion. After all, that’s how these furry fuzzbutts dig their way into our hearts.

1. This Tibetan Mastiff pup amazed by his own massive paws.

Image via The Frisky

Image via The Frisky

2. This German Shepherd pooch that wants you to admire his paws, and perhaps give him a pawdicure while you’re at it?

3. This Bernese pup who’s finally putting paws and play together.

4. This Golden puppy who’s learning how paws help the whole “frolic in the snow” thing.

5. This Basset Hound pup who’s pleased as punch with his big puppy paws.

Image via Indulgy

Image via Indulgy

6. This Samoyed pup who’s figured out how to distract his hooman with paws while he steals the drink.

7. This little guy who knows how to nap cutely and melt peoples’ hearts all over the world.

8. This Shar Pei who’s so proud of his great big paws, that he wants the spotlight on it.

9. This Great Dane pooch who knows that the only way begging really works if he puts his paws on show!

10. This Shepherd pup who prefers the photo focus on his paws rather than his face.

11. This Bull Mastiff pooch who discovered the wonderful feeling of paws on grass.

12. This cutie pie who just realized that paws can be used to high five!

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