Puppy Reunites With Sister To Find Her A Forever Home

Puppy Reunites With Sister To Find Her A Forever Home

Pepper, a coonhound mix puppy from Social Tees Animal Rescue, was one of five puppies brought up from Tennessee with her mother early this winter. Almost all the puppies, plus their mother, were quickly adopted out. All but Pepper and her sister Peggy.


After a month, Pepper’s foster mom failed and adopted her, bringing her into the Bark & Co fold.

Congrats to @weirdwiener on being a new mama! Pepper, @therottencoonhound has a furrever home!

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But her sister, Peggy, was then left the only one in the family who hadn’t found her forever human.


Harnessing the power of Facebook, Pepper reunited with her sister Peggy for the first time since they were separated when they got to NYC all those months ago, when they were tiny pups. Hopefully, Peggy will find a forever home soon, but for now, watch the cuteness!

#ForGoodFridays: Puppy Sisters Reunite For The First Time Sinc…

Happy #ForGoodFridays! Today BarkPost Ben and BarkPost Jonathan will be reuniting two puppy sisters!! Pepper and her sister, Peggy, who is still up for adoption via Social Tees Animal Rescue! We would love to have Pepper and Peggy meet up with all their siblings and their mom and have a big family reunion! If you adopted one of the "P" coonhound litter from Social Tees earlier this winter and/or adopted their redbone coonhound mother and want to make this magic happen, please message @therottencoonhound on Instagram! :)*The sound at the beginning is cut off but picks up after about 40 seconds. Yay live streams!

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For more information on Peggy, or to put an application on her to adopt, contact Social Tees Animal Rescue.

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