Quasimodo, The Pit Bull With The Adorably Misshapen Head, Needs Our Help

Quasimodo, The Pit Bull With The Adorably Misshapen Head, Needs Our Help

Last month, we brought you the tale of Quasimodo, a Pit Bull with a craniological defect. He was liberated from a high-kill LA shelter by the rescue group, A Wish for Animals. Once free of the overcrowded shelter, Quasi happily settled in and began the search for his perfect humans. But before Quasi’s dream of a furever home could come true, he suddenly became very ill.

According to A Wish for Animals founder Toni Eakes, he began having severe and unrelenting seizures to the point that she thought he might die. He was rushed to a  local veterinary hospital where his condition was stabilized before being transferred to a specialty clinic and assessed by a neurologist.

Quasimodo Pit Bull With Misshapen Head Closeup

The specialist confirmed what the folks at A Wish for Animals already suspected. Quasi’s seizures stemmed from the unknown head trauma he endured prior to his rescue. He is now taking steroids to reduce the swelling in his brain and three anti-seizure drugs that he will likely need for the rest of his life.

On the bright side, one of Quasi’s rescuers told BarkPost in an email that he has been doing wonderfully since his release from the hospital:

[He] is a completely different dog.  He smiles now, is much more affectionate and talks too.  He is much more lively as well.


But Quasi’s ordeal is far from over. After two weeks of close monitoring on the new medications, the neurologist would like him to undergo an MRI to assess the extent of the injury to his skull and brain. The procedure is expected to cost $2000 on top of the $2300 in bills already incurred during Quassi’s emergency.

The selfless volunteers of A Wish for Animals are counting on the generosity of strangers to help them care for Quassi. As a nonprofit organization, funds are always tight and every little bit helps. Donations can be made via PayPal to the email address: [email protected] They can also be mailed directly to the organization at:

A Wish for Animals (AWFA)
PO Box 4054
Dana Point, CA 92629

We don’t know what horrors Quasimodo endured to cause his condition, but we do know that he is a fighter with a remarkable will to live. Let’s pitch in and give this sweet boy a chance to overcome his past and witness the power of compassion.

Featured Image via A Wish For Animals