13 Items For When It’s Raining, Pouring, And The Old Man Is Snoring

13 Items For When It’s Raining, Pouring, And The Old Man Is Snoring

It’s raining, it’s pouring… and your dog is dreading going outside almost as much as you are. But when he’s gotta go, he’s gotta go, and there’s no avoiding that wet trip to your dog’s favorite patch of grass (because let’s be honest, every dog has that one spot they go to the bathroom in and refuse to go anywhere else, even when it means you’ll both get soaked.) Don’t let a little storm ruin yours or your pup’s day. This rain gear will protect fur and skin alike from even the worst of Mother Nature’s wrath.

1. French Bulldog Umbrella$49.95

This orange and turquoise umbrella will make a statement with any outfit, not only because there are french bulldogs on it, but also because of its vibrant coloring!

French Bulldog Umbrella

2. Dog Raincoat$95

Why shouldn’t your dog look just as fashionable as you do? Any sized dog can rock this hooded Ralph Lauren coat, which is lined with a tie-striped silk trim.

Ralph Lauren Raincoat

3. Waterproof Dog Boot$17

The worst part about the rain is when your dog drags it inside on his paws. Alleviate this slippery issue with these dog boots that will keep your floors and your dog’s paws dry.

Waterproof Dog Boot

4. Rain Boots$395

It’s literally raining cats and dogs on these Burberry boots!

Burberry Boots

5. Dog Print Rain Boot$74.99

Don’t want to splurge on boots you’ll only be wearing a few times a year (unless you live in Seattle)? That’s okay! Joules makes dog-print wellies for under $100 that are both cute and practical.

Joules Wellie

6. Pet Umbrella$25

Why should your dog have to face rain pellets on his poofy ‘fro? This dog umbrella will keep your dog’s fluff out of harm’s way.

Dog Umbrella

7. Dog Raincoat$12.99 

Owners who tell themselves their dogs don’t need clothing have never seen this raincoat.

Dog Coat

8. Packable Dog Poncho$12

Don’t get caught in the rain empty-pawed! This is a useful, portable poncho to carry around on walks if the sky is looking cloudy with a chance of rain.

Dog Poncho Collage

9. Paw Print WellyKapz$15.95

Why bother bringing your dirty boots inside? Keep your boots on the porch steps and use these pawsome “wellykapz” to protect them from bugs and the elements!


10. Woof Wall Hook$20

This is the perfect wall accessory to hang your wet umbrellas after a walk in the rain, especially since they’ll be out of reach of your curious pup.

Woof Wall Hook

11. Your Breed Umbrella$39.95

This unisex umbrella is a subtle ode to dog. Plus, Your Breed has an umbrella for almost every type of dog, so whether you prefer pugs or poodles, you can customize your umbrella to represent your favorite pooch.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 11.09.57 AM

12. Boxer Rain Poncho$5.99

This epic poncho is so cheap that you won’t have to make it rain.

Boxer Rain Poncho

13. Soggy Dog Doormat, $39.99

Don’t let your pup track his wet paws all over the house! This doormat is extra absorbent, so the days of cleaning up wet paw prints on the wood are over!

soggy dog mat

Featured image via Trisha Fawver