Hey Families With Pit Bulls – This Realtor Wants To Help You Find A Place To Live

Hey Families With Pit Bulls – This Realtor Wants To Help You Find A Place To Live

A real estate agent is devoting herself to making life a lot easier for folks who have Pit Bulls. Amanda Gross wants to make sure that no one has to give up their blocky-headed family member because they can’t find a place to live.

“It’s about the families who have the task of moving, and it is about keeping families together in the process,” Amanda tells BarkPost.

Amanda, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida, began offering her Pit Bull-specific services about a month ago, after a friend told her about an all-too-common predicament: not being able to find housing where her dog was welcome.

“Sweetest little thing you’ve ever seen with a big smile but everywhere they went had breed restrictions,” says Amanda.

In the course of tracking down the perfect rental for this crew — great location, affordable enough the hoomans could start saving for their own home — Amanda realized she’d stumbled on an untapped market.


Amanda takes this mission personally. She has lived in Jacksonville her whole life, and has a Pit herself, 2-year-old Bambam, as well as 1-year-old mini Australian Shepherd named Lola. Together, she calls them her “odd couple.” And while Amanda hasn’t personally experienced how tough breed restrictions can make it to find a home, she knows lots of people who have.

“I realized there was such a huge need for somebody to help these families,” she says.


Jennifer Deane, president of the Jacksonville-based nonprofit Pit Sisters, agrees.

“We are contacted every day by families who are trying to keep their dogs but because of how they are labeled they are unable to find housing,” says Jennifer. “Pets are part of the family, and we are so glad that Amanda recognizes that, and wants to help families find housing so they can keep their pets.”


OK, so you have to live in Jacksonville to take advantage of Amanda’s services — but maybe you should consider moving there? Jacksonville is great! It’s a no kill community with lovely weather and loads to do.

No? Hm. Well, in any case, Amanda is hoping — like we all are hoping — that one day her specialty won’t be needed at all. Perhaps by highlighting the great need for more Pit-friendly housing — and by telling the stories of wonderful families that include Pits — we’ll move toward a world where a dog will be judged by her behavior, not her appearance.

“I would like to see the day where Pit Bulls and other breeds like them are not discriminated against,” says Amanda. “We can overcome the prejudice and begin lifting the bans on these breeds.”

And until then, here’s Amanda’s card:


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