Rebecca Corry Is Fostering The Toothless, Farting Pit Bull Of Your Dreams

Rebecca Corry Is Fostering The Toothless, Farting Pit Bull Of Your Dreams

When founder of Stand Up For Pits Foundation Rebecca Corry shared these pictures of her newest foster, Olive Oil, on her Facebook page, there was a torrent of compliments from followers who shared her story in hopes that she’d be adopted.


The image on the top left is of Olive when she first arrived at a shelter in South Los Angeles, where she remained until she was taken in by Ghetto Rescue FFoundation. At around 7 years of age, Olive is a meaty toothless hippo who’s all ready to invade someone’s home for good.


Before being taken in temporarily by Corry, Olive had been in boarding since August at Downtown Dog Rescue in Los Angeles. She’d even scored an internship as an office dog at the Modernica factory. But no one had stepped up to give her a permanent spot on a couch of her own.


Thanks to Corry, little miss Olive Oil will be getting a much-needed break from the busy boarding life.

olive car ride

Despite having lost her teeth and ended up so emaciated that her bones could be seen through her skin, Olive seems trusting of humans and spent her first night sprawled across Corry’s body:

She slept through the night in bed smashed up against me. Her farts woke me up twice but she slept soundly and peacefully through her ass explosions.

Pit Bull Kiss

It’s cats she’s not really keen on, even ones that aren’t real:

Her Petfinder profile states she’s an easy dog – completely housebroken, crate-trained, loves to just chill, great with young kids, and has great manners. And Corry says she’s great on a leash, goes bananas for bananas, and needs to be an only pet.

AMAZING on the leash. #angel #standupforpits #adoptolive

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She endured horrific abuse, was repeatedly force bred, starved and I’m sure many other horrors we’ll never know. So, if Olive doesn’t like dogs, it’s understandable and it’s her right.

Though she has undoubtedly had a hard life, her unbreakable spirit proves all a dog needs sometimes is a chance at happily ever after.

If you’d like to give this senior pup a chance at the best rest of her life, just email Ghetto Dog Rescue at [email protected] She is currently located in Los Angeles. To follow Olive’s journey, follow Stand Up For Pits Foundation on Facebook or @rebeccacorry on Instagram!

Featured image via Rebecca Corry/Facebook