Orphaned Fox Is That Younger Sister Who Always Has To Tag Along On EVERYTHING

Orphaned Fox Is That Younger Sister Who Always Has To Tag Along On EVERYTHING

Rachel Parker runs Greener Pastures Sanctuary in Waroona, Western Australia – a nonprofit that specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating livestock. She recently added a new resident that is decidedly not a farm animal. In fact, she’s kind of the opposite of a farm animal in that she is considered a major predator of Australian livestock. Fergie is a fox, and not only has she made a permanent home at Parker’s farm animal sanctuary, she’s also become besties with a dog named Faith.


Fergie was found all alone in the Australian outback when she was just a teeny baby. The good Samaritan who stumbled upon her wasn’t sure just what kind of animal Fergie was so she delivered her to a local animal hospital. A friend of Parker’s agreed to hand-raise the little orphan, but was unable to provide her with a permanent home. Fergie could not be safely re-released into the wild, as foxes are considered pests in Australia due to the threat they pose to livestock.

fergie meets faith

Parker was able to obtain permission to build Fergie a permanent enclosure at Greener Pastures from her local shire ranger. The problem of where she would live had been solved, but Parker was still concerned about Fergie’s happiness. Foxes are social animals, and at just 7-months-old, playful Fergie desperately needed a companion.

fergie and faith 2

That’s when she decided to bring a dog into the picture. Faith is Parker’s 11-year-old rescue dog and no stranger to mingling with members of other species. Faith has assisted Parker in raising kittens, piglets and lambs at the sanctuary. Due to her sweet, gentle nature and open-mindedness towards different critters, Parker thought Faith would make the perfect pal for Fergie.

She told The Dodo:

“Fergie is a million miles an hour, [She] just wants to run and play. Faith is more the ‘sit quietly in the sunshine’ type. Fergie hasn’t given up trying to get her to play. She bounces around and dashes back and forth and Fergie will even pick up toys and take them to [Faith] with high hopes.


Okay, so maybe they’re not exactly BFFs yet. At least Faith is patient with the mischievous fox pup. Faith will cave to Fergie’s incessant nagging from time to time and participate in a game of “chase the ball” when the mood strikes her. As far as Faith is concerned, Fergie is just another bratty younger fur-sibling she has to tolerate – but there’s definitely some love there!

Check out this video of an overzealous Fergie trying to convince a patient Faith to join in the fun!

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Featured Image via Rachel Parker/Greener Pastures Sanctuary