Best Rescue Family Ever Includes 2 Pit Bulls, 2 Terriers, 2 Ducklings And A Cat

Best Rescue Family Ever Includes 2 Pit Bulls, 2 Terriers, 2 Ducklings And A Cat

The two and four-legged members of the Missouri-based Boggs family have become quite the Instagram sensation, and rightfully so! The pair of Pit Bulls, two Terriers, an adorable cat, and duckling duo fill up the @88kncorbett Instagram feed with snaps that are beyond precious and put a smile on each and every one of their 32,000 followers.

You’ll discover them all lined up, decked out in bright bandanas and spunky sunglasses, soaking up the sun and being doggone cute. You’ll meet Jake, the Pit Bull puppy, sitting calmly in a pool, playing with his duck siblings. You’ll be awed to see Mia the cat, on her leash, on a hike with her doggie siblings. Yes, you read that correctly. The cat goes hiking. . . with dogs!

Behind each smiling face lies a story that will melt your heart and proves that goodness still prevails in a world of abuse and neglect.

Kasey Boggs and her husband, Blake, have been rescuing animals for a decade, and it all started when Kasey was 19, when she spotted three-month-old Toy Fox Terrier, Roxy, looking forlorn in a pet store window. She played with the pup and returned home, only to go back and save the sick pup, who she later learned didn’t have a hip joint, a deformity common in puppy mill babies.
Boggs nourished the dog back to health, but not without spending a considerable sum of money. With the backing of the vet who performed surgery, she filed a complaint against the pet store for selling unhealthy animals with forged records, and succeeded in getting the store shut down. A few years later, Roxy became a certified therapy dog; the duo now visit hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. That’s quite a story for a beginner rescuer!

A week after getting Roxy, Kasey and her now-husband (then-boyfriend) brought home a Pit Bull named Nala. Together, they went on hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains and fulfilled their desire to start a family. Sadly, Nala died suddenly due to a heart problem.

Boggs told BarkPost:

“We had no idea about it. We went on a family walk one day, and she died the next day. She’s the reason for my love of Pit Bulls.”

Boggs said she used to be scared of Pit Bulls before Nala, but their short time together changed her life. Boggs went on to rescue two other Pit Bulls, Jake and Rosie. Jake spent his first few months locked up in a crate by his first owner who didn’t want him. When Boggs brought him home, everything frightened him, including the house cat. Things changed within a week and he became a cuddle bug, spending his time with Boggs’ other rescues.

Rosie came from a high crime dog-fighting neighborhood in North St. Louis, where cops would shoot Pit Bulls on sight. Blake Boggs took her from someone who wanted to ensure her safety, but couldn’t care for her on his own. Rosie had a badly mangled leg but, as soon as she rode up to the front of the house, she knew she was home.

Rosie made a tremendous recovery and no one today can tell that she once suffered from a broken leg. Boggs said Rosie is now an all-star Frisbee athlete, a runner, and can jump six feet in the air.

There’s also Edith, a Rat Terrier Italian Greyhound mix, who joined the pack after a horrible start in life. She was found by the Humane Society in a cold, dark alley lying on her dead mother and littermates to keep warm. She had parvo, a bad case of mange, and intestinal parasites. She almost died three times, but she is now completely happy and healthy. “She can lap our five-acre property in a matter of twenty seconds,” said Kasey Boggs.

Topping off the four-legged brood is Mia, the adventurous cat without a tail who never refuses an opportunity to hit the trail. Boggs got her from Stray Haven Cat Rescue; she prefers car rides, cuddles with her Pit Bulls, and long walks in the woods. Boggs says she’s even let Mia off her leash when she felt it was safe on some of their hikes.

Life is never boring at the Boggs household. As soon as the couple gets home, the animals start their day. They make sure every single weekend is filled with outdoor activities.

Said Boggs proudly:

“We hike up to six miles. Roxie can do 13 miles.”

As if their lives aren’t already full, the Boggs recently decided to adopt some ducklings. “We wanted chickens initially. I’ve always wanted to have a farm, but I didn’t connect with the chickens. The ducks were cuddly, expressive, and have personalities,” said Boggs.

When Kasey brought the little ducklings home, the other dogs weren’t that into them, but Jake the Pit Bull made sure they received the love they needed and became their mama duck. When Boggs lets the ducklings wander freely, Jake lies down on his stomach, because he knew that’s the position he must be in for the fragile birds.

The ducklings, Gertrude and Donald, are no fools. They know the best snuggler in the house is Jake and find ways to get close to him. With his warmth and encouragement, they get to experience the motherly love they missed out on after they were hatched.

Jake suffers from a bone disease called Cranial Mandibular Osteopathy (CMO), which affects the skull and lower jaw, making something as simple as eating painful. Boggs believes that this condition makes him more sympathetic to other souls who ache. It’s no wonder he took to the orphaned ducklings the way he did.

Boggs’ husband built the ducks their own house outside. They spend their days frolicking in their pool and playing with the dogs. “They eat the highest quality duck chow there is,” said Boggs.

Even the cat doesn’t seem to be bothered by sharing the attention with the ducklings. “Mia would just lay there and cock her head at their chirps. That’s also why I let them have free range. I’ve never been given a reason not to,” Boggs said.

Now, as for the trick to getting all of them to pose perfectly for the pictures? Their favorite treats! Boggs said it’s almost impossible to get the pack to take pictures on their own.

Boggs told BarkPost:

“Whenever I have to take a pic of two or three of them, I put the others in a different room. If I try to do it in front of them, they will come together, because they are so used to being together.”

Boggs is open to rescuing more animals in the future, but right now she’s happy to share that she will be becoming a human mom for the first time! The pack shared the news with, you guessed it, another adorable picture.

Perhaps we could also expect a book of sweet pictures in the near future from this family full of rescue love!

To follow Kasey and her pack, visit @88kncorbett on Instagram.

Featured image via 88kncorbett/Instagram