A Year After Her Rescue, This Hound Is Ready To Share Her Loving Spirit With A Family

A Year After Her Rescue, This Hound Is Ready To Share Her Loving Spirit With A Family

In August of 2015 the Pennsylvania SPCA’s animal cruelty hotline received a report of an abandoned, injured dog in Snyder County. A Humane Law Enforcement officer was immediately dispatched to investigate. Upon arriving at the location the officer found a terrified, emaciated and badly wounded English Coonhound hiding beneath the massive front porch.


Even though she was suffering from hunger, anemia and the pain of a wounded leg, the hound eagerly wagged her tail and dragged herself towards the officer. The dog was transported to the shelter hospital at PSPCA’s headquarters in Philadelphia and given the name Firefly.

The injury to her right hind leg was so severe that veterinary staff could literally see through the limb to the treatment table below. Firefly’s caregivers at the shelter hospital believe that the wound started out much smaller but progressed and festered due to lack of treatment. Although her previous owners probably did not cause the injury, they neglected to seek help for Firefly and abandoned her to fend for herself.

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The road to wellness was a long and painful one for Firefly, but no matter how unpleasant her recovery got, she endured it with a wagging tail and big, brown, trusting eyes. Her capacity for love and hope impressed everyone who met this special hound, making her a PSPCA favorite.


Thanks to the love and care of the shelter hospital staff Firefly’s leg was saved and she became healthy and strong. Now, nearly a year after her rescue from beneath that lonely porch, Firefly is ready for the next phase of her life. She is available for adoption and ready to meet her furever family.


Despite her history of pain and neglect, Firefly never lost hope that things would get better. Her gentle soul and enduring spirit shine brighter than the adorable lightning bugs she’s named for.


Do you think Firefly could be the perfect addition to your family? Pay her a visit at the Philadelphia PSPCA! They are located at 350 East Erie Avenue and open Monday through Friday 1 PM – 8 PM and Saturday & Sunday 12 PM – 6 PM. An adoption application can be downloaded here. Firefly’s Animal ID Number is 29493954.

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