Cooper the Cavoodle (that's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle for you dog breed novices) isn't even a year old and already has over 23,000 followers on Instagram. It's enough to make you jealous, until you take a look at his unbelievable pics and understand where the hype comes from.

  When I say this dog is cute, I don't mean ordinary puppy-cute, I mean unreal, jaw-dropping, clutch-your-heart-because-the-feels-are-too-much cute. Furreal. Just take a look at all the times Cooper made us wish we knew him in real life.
1. "Around the block? That's child's play. Next--the Tour de France!"
2. "Happy howlidays, friends. I left you a... gift, under the tree."
3. I thought I saw a crab, but now I have zero crustaceans and a week of sneezing sand to look forward to."
4. "Quick, run! There are long-eared, hopping dogs back there!"
5. "Hey man, how was the vet? Yeah, that dewormer was killer."
6. "Maybe, just maybe, with the right angle, velocity, and ear surface area, I can soar right through the window."
7. "The floor's comfort level is directly related to the extent of one's exhaustion..."
8. "... but your human's arms? Well, they're always the best seat in the house."
9. "I have jaws. I am Jaws. The cutest one ever."
10. "Whatchu mean we're out of cake? I skipped my afternoon snack for that frosting."
12. "I only thought about missing the Wee-Wee pad. Just to be different."
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See more adorable pictures of Cooper at @cooper_the_cavoodle_!

H/t Daily Mail