Scout From Stuff On Scout’s Head Has Passed Away

Scout From Stuff On Scout’s Head Has Passed Away

The internet has been in ruv with Scout for a very long time. Scout’s special talent of balancing anything and everything on his head charmed all of us and constantly made us giggle.

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Last Wednesday, Scout passed away after a long fight. Yesterday morning, his mom, Jen, posted an incredibly emotional goodbye to her best friend.

Last Wednesday after a tough year so far, Scout has passed peacefully. It’s taken a week for me to find the right wording to break the news and I don’t even think this does him justice. I wish you all could have given him a hug as a final goodbye, there would have been a line as far as the eye could see – I swear he was fuelled through the last few months by love entirely.

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It’s true that Scout was loved very deeply by thousands of people. His big blocky head brought so much joy to all of us. We loved seeing him balance all kinds of crazy things on his head – his favorite of which was food.

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But his abilities went far beyond noms.

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People were so impressed and in love with him that, sometimes, he tried to go incognito to avoid the pawparazzi.

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But one thing Scout never shied away from was standing up against breed specific legislation. Scout became an ambassador for Pit Bull type breeds, breaking down the stereotype that they are uncontrollable dogs.

Scout’s patience and goofiness showed people the truth – that these dogs are loveable dinguses.

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On Mother’s Day of this year, Jen wrote about how Scout changed her life and made her a better person:

Scout came into my life and provided me with the first time in my life I had to really truly devote myself to someone other than myself and put selfish tendencies aside. Finding Scout and having such a bond and working through his quirks like any rescue pup and overcoming all sorts of issues, behavioural and otherwise taught me more about myself than it did about him. Where would I be without such a best friend for the last 6 years or so? I’m not too certain, but I know the other aspects of my life wouldn’t have flourished as much and I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am without him.

Jen wants to encourage other people to learn from her experience with Scout. She wants people to join the fight against breed specific legislation, the way that she and Scout fought to raise awareness about legislation in many Canadian provinces.

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She said this in her goodbye letter to Scout:

Celebrate Scout’s life by saving one just like him; speak out about how barbaric and outdated Breed Specific Legislations are; kiss your Pitties on their noses for us today; don’t judge a dog by their breed; recognize dogs up for adoption aren’t broken!

Everyone at Bark & Co promises to honor Scout’s memory in that way – to kiss all the Pibbles we see and to remind everyone that these velvet burritos aren’t our enemies – they are our best friends, our family, our slobbery confidants, and our soulmates.

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Rest in peace sweet Scout. Our thoughts are with Jen and all who loved Scout.