People Are Putting Rubber Bands Around Their Mouths To Stop Animal Cruelty

There have been several cases of animal cruelty involving people muzzling dogs with duct tape and rubber bands. We were all touched by the story of Caitlyn, who was the first pup to capture national attention for undergoing this type of treatment.

She never misses a chance to smile and to show everyone how much joy she has in her heart.

More recently, the internet rallied to rescue a dog in Texas from what neighbors believe was a case of animal cruelty. Neighbors say that the dog spends his days on a balcony constantly crying for help. When people complained, someone put a rubber band over the dog’s mouth to keep him from barking.

neglected dog on balcony 1

Neighbors were horrified and attempted to get the attention of the authorities. When that failed, they turned to social media and the World Animal Awareness Society to raise awareness about this issue and to push for harsher animal cruelty penalties.


Activists have launched a campaign that harnesses the power of the selfie to drive change. The campaign is called #MuzzleYourSelfie. Here’s how it works: You put a rubberband under your chin and on top of your nose. Then you take a selfie and post it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtags #MuzzleYourSelfie and #BandTogether.

Although the campaign was originally slated to end on November 22, 2015, the World Animal Awareness Society encourages everyone to keep taking these selfies to raise awareness about this issue.

Watch the video above for more information and to see exactly how the campaign works.