Senior Dog Who Weighed 22 Lbs. After Having 13 Litters Is Now Living The Good Life

Senior Dog Who Weighed 22 Lbs. After Having 13 Litters Is Now Living The Good Life

When Mocha, a 14–year–old Pit Bull, was brought to a shelter extremely emaciated at only 22 pounds, her owner had one request. To euthanize Mocha, a dog who had so recently given birth that she still had milk in her breasts.

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The owner relinquished Mocha, but Shelly Phillips–Wright, who was at the shelter when Mocha was brought in, had only one thought.

[W]e could see the tumors on her and thought she didn’t have a lot of time. I wanted her to know a home and love before it was her time [to pass]. I just felt a connection to her.

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Instead of being euthanized as Mocha’s previous owner originally wanted, this senior Pit Bull was now on her way home with Shelly.


Mocha had mammary tumors as well as some on her legs and ears and Shelly expected the worst. Shelly, who has previously hospice fostered other dogs, wanted to make whatever time Mocha had left was the best it could be.

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Shelly was extremely surprised when the veterinarian told her that all of the tumors on Mocha, a dog who had clearly endured so much in life already, were non–cancerous. Sharing with BarkPost, Shelly said:

 I was ecstatic that Mocha did not have cancer and that she was going to have longer to live and to actually enjoy life.

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In addition to having all of her tumors removed, being spayed and having surgery several times for her prolapsed uterus, Mocha also had to be put on a regimented feeding schedule so that she could safely gain weight.

When I first brought Mocha home she was on a feeding schedule. Five times a day then it went to four times a day, three times a day [and then] to a normal feeding schedule. I would get up in the middle of the night and hand feed her to reintroduce her body to food.


Now, Mocha weighs 63 pounds and shares her home with four other dogs, all of whom are bully breeds. One of Mocha’s new sisters is Bella, a tiny black Pit Bull who was rescued from the largest dogfighting ring in the United States. Shelly said that all of her other dogs accepted Mocha, almost as if “they knew she needed help.”

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Having 13 litters, Mocha has essentially been a mom her entire life. But now it’s Mocha’s turn to have a mom who loves and cares for her.

Mocha is the sweetest girl. She loves everyone and everything. She totally is a momma’s girl if I am around. She loves to go on walks, loves to go ‘bye bye.’ She’s very food motivated and likes to play with my other Pitties but her favorite thing is to curl up on the couch next to her momma.

And even though Mocha has gone through an incredible transformation thanks to Shelly’s love and commitment to her well–being, Shelly sees herself as the one who has changed the most. She told BarkPost that she “felt honored to be able to give Mocha her first real home.”
To see a senior at the shelter scared, shut down and giving up to walking them out of the shelter and taking that breath of life. There are no words. Whether it be one day, a week, or months they give me more than I could ever give them.
To foster or adopt a senior dog, just like Mocha, please check out your local shelters and rescues. 
Featured image via Shelly Phillips–Wright & Levity Tomkinson/Give Me All The Dogs Photography