Meet Butler the cat, and Paddington, the Shar-Pei. These two are Austraila's cutest besties.
Napping has never been so funny or delightful since this duo.
Butler and Paddington can always be found at each other's side.
If there was an Olympics for soaking up lazy days while looking irresistibly charming, they'd win the gold several times over!
Paddington also has three other cat siblings, making him the chillest dog on earth.
"We're too cool for this."
They're champs at posing, but this shot is pure, candid camera love.
"I'll always be your best dog-friend, even if I pretend to be a T-Rex."
Epic nose rubbies!
Guarding the house, except for one party pooper.
"It's my turn to wear the glasses now."
"I catch all of the kitties with this fake mouse. They haven't noticed yet!"
"My seat is taken 😢."
"I will not share my duck... okay, maybe in a few minutes."
Playtime has never looked so gentle or so peaceful!
Bedtime rituals include sassy cat expressions and snazzy jammies.
"Shhh... just give me five moar minutes..."
"My sentiments exactly."
No matter their moods or activities, Butler and Paddington love each other through and through.
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Sweet Shar-Pei And Furry Feline Share A Fairytale Friendship

Featured image and H/t via @anniepaddington