Photographer Pairs Iconic Authors With Their Furry Doggelgangers

Photographer Pairs Iconic Authors With Their Furry Doggelgangers

The latest dog photography project will have you wishing you’d paid more attention in English class.

When Italian photographer Dan Bannino found his best friend, Rothko, at a shelter, he was inspired to find a way to help the dogs he couldn’t take home with him. So he paired two things he loves in a fun photo project: dogs and the famous authors they look like.

“Most of these dogs suffered hunger, sickness, loneliness and are still giving their blessings to every human being they see, in the same way a lot of great artists did in the past, leaving us the treasure and legacy of their rare art,” writes Bannino on his Indiegogo campaign, where he shares his vision for the project. Donations will help fund a book featuring the amazing photographs and provide supplies for local shelters.

Can you tell which famous writers these pups resemble?

1. Pawscar Wilde

2. Charles Derpens
Charles-Dickens (1)

3. Jean Paw Sartre

4. The Brothers Gruff

5. Charles Bonedelaire
Charles-Pierre-Baudelaire (1)

6. William Shakespaw

7. Furnest Hemingway

8. William S. Burrows

9. Bark Twain

10.Charles Barkowski
Dan_Bannino_01 (1)

11. This pup and this writer share an affinity for poop.James-Joyce

12. Emily Derpinson

13. Dingo Alighieri

14. Edgar Allan Paw

15. Leo Dogstoy

To check out more pups in the #POETICDOGS series, check out Bannino’s work on Instagram and Facebook.


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All images via Dan Bannino
h/t to Feature Shoot