Pit Bull And Steer Rescued From Bad Situations Are Now The Best Of Friends

Pit Bull And Steer Rescued From Bad Situations Are Now The Best Of Friends

Wesley and Chance were both rescued at very young ages from bad situations. Now, they are not only best friends, they are brothers. They’re both bulls of a kind, only Chance is a Pit Bull and Wesley is a steer.

Chance is a nine-year-old Pit Bull who began his life in the unfortunate world of flea market breeding. He was purchased at just six-weeks-old by his first owner who kept him confined to a bathroom at all times because they couldn’t handle his puppy habits. Mindy Mallett, owner of Sunrise Sanctuary in Ohio where the boys live, told The Dodo that she offered to take him as soon as she heard of Chance’s unfortunate situation. Fast forward three years, Chance gains an unlikely best friend.


Also taken from his mother early on, now six-year-old Wesley, a Holstein steer, stands at 6’4″ and weighs between 2,500-3,000 pounds, but don’t let his size fool you! Janet Bland, volunteer operations manager at the sanctuary, told The Dodo that, despite being a steer, Wesley is just a “big lap dog” – and with quite the personality. He loves to cuddle, thinks he can hide his over-two-ton-sized body from the vet by just turning his head (Newton’s fourth law: if he can’t see you, you can’t see him) and his very best friend is Chance the much smaller pooch!

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Apparently, Wesley loves all the animals on the farm too – Bland even dubbed him the “mayor of Sunrise” – but Wesley almost didn’t get to meet his best friend or any of his farm siblings. In November 2009, Mallett had traveled to another farm to rescue two turkeys when she happened to spot Wesley in a veal hut. When he began to suck on her fingers and give her kisses, she knew she had to have him. And what a good find he was! This guy may be a steerĀ but he’s quite the attention hog. Bland told The Dodo that he’s the first one to greet visitors and new residents alike and loves to dole out kisses.


Despite not having the most advantageous starts to life, Chance and Wesley are now living their best lives as best friends. We could learn a lot from the love of these two “bulls”!

If you’d like to support Sunrise Sanctuary, check out their donations page and their volunteer page and consider contributing to the cause in whatever way you can!

H/t and featured image The Dodo