We Couldn’t Help The Stray Dog On The Left, But We Can Help The Chained Dog On The Right

We Couldn’t Help The Stray Dog On The Left, But We Can Help The Chained Dog On The Right

Yvette Holzbach first spotted White Boy back in May. He was tied up on a short, heavy chain, lying in a small crate, looking forlorn. There was no food or water in sight.

When the dog saw Yvette he “was so excited to have attention, wagging his tale non-stop and trying to get on my lap,” she says.

White Boy3

Yvette works with a Houston-based nonprofit called Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward that goes into the city’s poorest neighborhoods to feed strays and help get owned dogs the things they need for a better life, like medicine, food, and dog houses. You are probably aware of Yvette’s work, since earlier this year a photo of hers, of a “stray” dog snuggling a teddy bear, became famous.


A few days after first spotting White Boy, Yvette went back to the dog’s house to meet his owner and see if she could help make his life more comfortable.

His owner told Yvette that he’d taken in White Boy as a favor to a friend — but hardly had enough money to feed him. Yvette and other volunteers brought food and had White Boy treated for worms and fleas. They secured a dog house and a long tether so that White Boy could move around and have protection. It’s not perfect by anyone’s estimation, but it’s better.

“When I saw White Boy curled up in his crate, at the end of the heavy chain, I just knew I had to help him, even if it meant just getting him decent shelter. He had no protection from the elements at all,” Yvette tells BarkPost.

White Boy 1

Yvette has kept checking in on White Boy as she makes her rounds — feeding dozens of stray dogs every week, as well as the owned dogs who also get assistance.

Recently, White Boy seemed worse than before. Asking around, Yvette learned that White Boy’s owner had gotten sick due to mold at the house. The owner’s grandmother and a neighbor stop by to make sure White Boy has food, and they bring over blocks of ice so he has water.

It’s enough to survive, maybe. It’s not really what you’d think of as a life, especially for a dog who so loves people, who so craves company.

White Boy 2

So Yvette is now trying to find White Boy a new home.

“He is such a sweet boy and just craves attention. It kills me when I drive away and see the look on his face,” Yvette recently wrote on Facebook. “He spends almost 100% of his time on his own. It is just so sad.”

She is asking for someone to come forward and offer to foster or adopt White Boy — do it, via Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward. Once that’s in place, Yvette can go to White Boy’s owner, if she can find him, and ask to let him go. She hopes he will say yes.

“A dog house, food and water are what he needs to survive, and he [has] that. But all of that plus a loving family is what he deserves,” she says.

Reach out to Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward if you can help White Boy. The group is also asking for donations, so that they can continue caring for Houston’s dogs.

All photos via Yvette Holzbach

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