Starving Stray Pit Bull Found With Eye Tumor Proves Every Dog Deserves A Chance

Starving Stray Pit Bull Found With Eye Tumor Proves Every Dog Deserves A Chance

The folks at Hope For Paws are known for rescuing some of the most unfortunate animals found wandering the streets. Savannah was one of those animals.

savannah before surgery

At first, Hagar and his team of rescuers thought the Pit Bull they found was male. She was lying in the grass in a park known for harboring animals that people abandon, and because of an injury to one of her back legs coupled with the effects of prolonged starvation, she stayed low to the ground.

When Hagar got close enough to see the dog’s face, he gasped. The pup’s left eye was completely clouded over and protruding from her skull. It was clear she needed help, but the rescuers had no idea how close they’d come to being too late until they saw the rest of her body.

She was so thin that her skeleton poked through her skin, which hung off her emaciated frame. She slowly accepted some food, but would not drink water unless the food was soaked in it first. It was impossible to know how long she had been on her own out on the streets, but the neglect and pain she had endured was obvious.

When Hagar positioned himself to pick this gentle girl up, she stood stiffly, not fighting him, but not really sure how to soften under the touch of possibly the first kind human she had encountered in a very long time.

eldad and savannah

In an email to Huffington Post, Hagar described how utterly hopeless Savannah appeared at first glance:

Once I approached the bushes where she was hiding, I realized that she had no more fight in her. She was so hungry, so tired…The process of starvation is horrible. The body first breaks down all the fat for energy, then muscles, then internal organs… it’s a slow and very painful death.”

A painful death that would have surely come had the Hope For Paws humans not reached Savannah when they did. Veterinarians discovered her left eye had become infected and inflamed, and that a tumor had grown in her left ear. Surgery was postponed twice to give Savannah a fighting chance, as she was too weak to come out of the surgery alive in her condition.

Immediately after having her eye and tumor removed, Savannah’s true personality shone through.

Free of the pain and uncertainty of her past, she went on to a foster home where she thrived, happy to share toys, food, and even a bed with her foster sibling.

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For a dog who had been starving for so long and forced to survive on her own, her ability to freely share what was once a precious scarce resource without showing any guarding behavior is uncommon, and serves as a reminder that dogs like Savannah deserve a chance at a forever family.

savannah happy

Second Chance at Love Humane Society took over for Hope For Paws in arranging for this sweet girl to be adopted.

Her amazing rescue video can be seen below:

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H/t Huffington Post
Featured image via Eldad Hagar/Flickr