Fox Grom is a Russian photographer who takes seriously stunning pictures of his gorgeous Huskies in and around his hometown of Kirovsk. This particular series featuring two of his huskies exploring a frozen lake is so unbelievably surreal, it's almost hypnotic.
Source: Fox Grom
Set your eyes on this Husky tentatively testing the waters...
Source: Fox Grom
Let yourself be drawn in by the serenity of the surroundings...
Source: Fox Grom
...and the still clarity of the frozen lake.
Source: Fox Grom
Observe the harmony in the intermingling of Husky and nature...
Source: Fox Grom the tiny ripples slowly disappear.
Source: Fox Grom
And the Husky strides majestically...
Source: Fox Grom peaceful contemplation.
Source: Fox Grom
Float along as this Husky glides along the tranquil lake...
Source: Fox Grom
...where sky and lake seamlessly become one.
Source: Fox Grom
Finally, some mood music as you dwell on the beauty of life.
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Surreal Photos Of Huskies Walking On Water Will Leave You Spellbound

**Disclaimer: Anyone taking their dog out on the ice should always make sure that the ice is strong enough to support the weight of you or your dog.

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