Sweet Pit Bull Puppy Dragged Behind Truck Has Nothing But Love For His Rescuers

Sweet Pit Bull Puppy Dragged Behind Truck Has Nothing But Love For His Rescuers

A six–month–old Pit Bull mix puppy who was dragged behind a truck now has a new – and fitting – name.

Speaking to the Bangor Daily News, Stacey Coventry, the Director of Public Relations at the Bangor Humane Society in Maine, said:

We have named him Phoenix….He obviously is pretty resilient. [His injuries have been deemed] as road rash so we thought it was a pretty awesome name to say he rose from the ashes.

An investigation into Phoenix’s former owner, Matthew Mayhew, began when a police officer was notified that a leashed dog was being dragged by a pickup truck. Mayhew took the puppy to a local emergency veterinary clinic where he was treated for his injuries and released back to Mayhew.

When police came to Mayhew’s home to check on Phoenix’s injuries, they discovered that there were illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia at the residence. Mayhew was arrested and voluntarily surrendered Phoenix.


Now, Phoenix is continuing to recover at the Bangor Humane Society. Due to the dragging, he suffered minor abrasions to his chest. The incident also left Phoenix with no paw pads so all of his feet are fully bandaged to promote healing.


Despite what he’s been through — especially at such a young age — Phoenix has nothing but love for those around him. Coventry shared:

He came in very sweet and affectionate considering what he’s been through.


Jason Moffitt, the Brewer Public Safety Director, echoed Coventry’s sentiment saying, “We cared about this dog from the first moment.”

As often happens in cases like this — ones that are publicized and an animal has faced extreme cruelty — many people as well as rescue organizations have shown an interest taking Phoenix in. Moffitt relayed:

Everybody wants to adopt this dog. We have been flooded with calls.


However, adoption applications for Phoenix are not currently being accepted. Coventry commented that the Bangor Humane Society’s “first priority is his recovery, keeping him safe, comfortable, loved and cared for during his healing.”

Rest assured, once Phoenix is completely healthy he’ll be going to a home where he’ll be loved and cared for. Moffitt stated that they “will be working with our animal control partners to find a caring home where the owners have been properly vetted.”


To make a donation to Phoenix’s medical care, you may do so by calling the Bangor Humane Society at (207) 942-8902.

H/t Bangor Daily News

Featured image via Micky Bedell/Bangor Daily News