Sweet Pup Who Lost Her Leg To Infection Needs A Little Help To Keep On Walking

Sweet Pup Who Lost Her Leg To Infection Needs A Little Help To Keep On Walking

Grace was born into a harsh world to a stray mother. Due to an injury to her rear leg, she struggled to compete with her littermates for what little sustenance their malnourished mother could provide. Despite the odds, Gracie survived her fight for life, but now she needs help if she’s ever to experience what it’s like to walk pain free.


The 501c3 non profit organization, Luvnpupz Rescue responded to a desperate plea from a Michigan shelter in October 2015. They had taken in an emaciated momma dog and her 6 puppies. The pups were only 3 weeks old and in desperate need of nourishment.

Gracie was even smaller and weaker than her siblings. When Luvnpupz volunteer Carri Shipaila inspected her more closely, she noticed that one of Gracie’s rear limbs was swollen to 3 times its normal size.

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Upon examination at Allegan Veterinary Clinic, Gracie was diagnosed with a terrible infection that had infiltrated into her body cavity. Her leg had been fractured during her birth or possibly stepped on accidentally by her mother. Without treatment the painful injury had become infected and abscessed. Veterinarians determined that her leg would need to be amputated.

The surgeon removed tissue all the way up to Grace’s ribs on the left side of her body in order to stop the spread of the aggressive infection. Drainage tubes were placed to drain excess fluid during her recovery – if she survived the night. At just 3 pounds, 3 weeks old, and already in poor health, Grace’s prognosis was grim.


Luckily the little fighter pulled through, but her troubles were far from over. The catastrophic damage to her leg had been masking yet another injury. Baby Grace’s pelvis was shattered, and it could not be repaired with surgery. Based on this information, Luvnpupz Rescue decided that Grace would never be put up for adoption. Her special needs are too extreme for the average pawrent, but she will always have a home with her kindhearted rescuer.


Ramps have been installed at Shipaila’s home, but Grace is already having difficulty supporting her own body weight on 3 limbs. Unfortunately a normal prosthetic limb will not work for her. Because of the severity of the infection, her amputation surgery left her without a stump to attach it to. A wheelchair is not an option for the same reason.

Another problem is that Gracie’s Pibble frame is still growing and filling out. She will likely top out at around 60-pounds which will make it very strenuous for Shipaila to carry her. Grace is now 9 months old and has never experienced the sensation of walking on four limbs.


A GoFundMe page has been established to raise the funds for Grace to see a specialist and possibly be fitted with a state-of-the-art 3D printed leg. She has struggled for survival or mobility every day of her short life, lets help this sweet girl gain her independence.

Shipaila and Luvnpupz Rescue have selflessly vowed to care for Grace for the remainder of her life no matter what that may entail. To learn more, get involved, or donate to this amazing rescue, visit their website at

Featured Image via Luvnpupz Rescue