Swollen Pit Bull Found With 6 Lb. Chain Around Her Neck Makes Surprising Recovery

Swollen Pit Bull Found With 6 Lb. Chain Around Her Neck Makes Surprising Recovery

This is Roxanne.

roxanne chained pit bull

She was found roaming the streets of South Carolina with a chain weighing 6.3 pounds wrapped around her neck. Rescuers couldn’t tell how long she’d been walking, nor who had placed the chain that caused severe swelling in her face. All they knew was that she needed immediate medical attention.

roxanne pre surgery

The chain, which made up more than 10% of her emaciated body’s weight, had been on her neck for so long that it had cut into the skin, causing what must have been incredible pain. The graphic nature of her injuries was relayed by South Carolina animal shelter Pawmetto’s Lifeline’s rescue program to Rescue Dogs Rescue NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan, who decided everything would be done to save the pup’s life. On a Facebook post sharing Roxanne’s story with followers, Rescue Dogs Rock posted the following statement:

…we were absolutely STUNNED and stopped in our tracks. It’s as if everything stops when you view something this awful & you have to take a minute to regroup and take it all in. You are in shock & cannot speak or act for several seconds.

Roxanne’s case was life-threatening. The heavy chain had become so embedded in her neck that it could not be slipped over her face swollen with edema — it had to be clipped with heavy-duty bolt cutters. Once they could see her skin, doctors noted that one of her major arteries had become exposed and the chain had cut into approximately 95% of her neck. She was immediately taken into surgery to repair the extensive damage.

No one was sure if she would survive. The only thing left to do was wait and keep her comfortable.

roxanne chain

To everyone’s surprise (and as a testament to the sheer strength of a dog who’s been through indescribable abuse), one-year-old Roxanne survived the surgery. With her neck wrapped in a yellow bandage, the swelling in her face started to come down.

13417524_1103159933098095_3780659887474696689_n roxanne after surgery

With the swelling gone, the sheer neglect she has endured is heartbreakingly visible. In a picture shared by Rescue Dogs Rock, Roxanne’s post-surgery face looks bigger than her body. Though the terror and uncertainty of the last few weeks have passed, she is now on her way to recovering and being placed in a home where she will never experience such cruel and inhumane treatment again.

roxanne swelling gone

Stories like Roxanne’s highlight the importance of humans who work tirelessly to undo and help prevent the unspeakably tragic mistreatment of animals like her. Organizations dedicated to being the voice for the voiceless often solely depend on donations from kind humans. To donate towards Roxanne’s recovery, click here. You can donate to the rescue that found Roxanne by clicking here, and any donations to Rescue Dogs Rescue NYC can be made here.

To follow along on Roxanne’s incredibly journey to full recovery, follow¬†Rescue Dogs Rescue NYC on Facebook.

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Featured image via Rescue Dogs Rescue NYC