Treats Shaped Like 2016 Candidates Let Your Pup Experience The Sweet Taste Of Liberty

Treats Shaped Like 2016 Candidates Let Your Pup Experience The Sweet Taste Of Liberty

Have you ever wondered who your dog would vote for in the 2016 presidential election? These dog treats, called Boneheads 2016, will give you your answer.


They are exactly what they sound like: Bones, in shape of the heads of presidential candidates. Pawliticial decisions can be ruff.


There is no shortage of reasons to be fed up with politics these days, but the line hopes to draw attention the state of the pet food industry. Dogs are tired of eating food made with toxic preservatives and compounds that make up the majority of America’s leading pet food brands.

Try pronouncing that. It’s impawsible.

Jack Knott, CEO of Funproductive says he got the idea while watching the last debate. He kept thinking to himself “These guys are boneheads”, and as he looked over at his dog chewing on a ball of ice, he couldn’t help but wish that ice was in the shape of Donald Trump’s head. So this happened, because, America.

But since every pup has their own taste in pawlitics, there are other flavors available as well.

For pups that have insatiable hunger, there’s Chris Christie:

You can choose Cruz.

Or Jeb! (Bush) These might taste eerily familiar.

Or Hillary Flavor, which are available on a public OR private server!


And of course, Donald Trump. Donald hasn’t actually tasted them yet but we’re pretty confident he will refer to them as “phenomenal.”


If you need a break from the serious side of politics, or you just want your pets to have some delicious noms, check out the KickStarter video and order your pup some Boneheads made with 100% transparency and integrity.