Team Of Therapy Dogs Arrive In Orlando To Bring Solace To The Grieving Community

Team Of Therapy Dogs Arrive In Orlando To Bring Solace To The Grieving Community

The entire nation, if not the entire world, is in mourning over the tragic loss of life in Orlando. For the survivors, as well as the family and friends of all involved, the shooting has irrevocably changed their lives.

But they do not have to face this grief alone. Counselors are on hand to help the entire community cope with the effects of this tragedy. Some of these counselors have four legs and a lot of fur.

Twelve of the therapy dogs are coming from Lutheran Church Charities. These pups and their handlers hail from several states – Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

orlando dogs 2

Many of these dogs have their own Facebook pages so that people can follow their amazing work. The dogs have travelled all over the country to provide comfort and care to victims of several tragedies, including Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing.

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These pups are famous for their efforts to help heal wounded hearts and they deploy only to situations where they are invited.

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Currently, the dogs are spending time at The Center in Orlando, where dozens of people are going to find solace after this devastating tragedy. Those people will have plenty of wagging tails, doofy smiles, and slobbery kisses to help them heal.

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While we all struggle to understand this senseless act of violence, the canines of LCC remind us of one thing – dogs have beautiful spirits and we would all be better people if we remembered the lesson they constantly teach us – love is all that matters.

Our thoughts are with the victims, the city of Orlando and all those affected by the shooting.