This Auto Company Is Using Its Power To Help Dogs Everywhere

This Auto Company Is Using Its Power To Help Dogs Everywhere

This post is paw-wered by our pals over at Subaru. To learn more about Subaru and their pet philanthropy initiatives click here!

The first time I ever remember thinking about Subaru was a couple years ago when they debuted their Barkley Dog Family commercials. (The teenage dogs “making out” KILLED me. 🙂 )

Since the Barkley family commercials aired, a bit of time has passed. I adopted my first dog, started working at the BarkPost, and I found myself digging deeper and deeper into the pup world. Through my digging, I’ve started to notice more and more programs that Subaru has for dogs and the people who love them. Below are a few of my favorites!

1. Studies conducted by the Center for Pet Safety.  Subaru prioritizes both pet and people safety by sponsoring studies to help you travel safely with your dog. The tests are done to evaluate commonly used pet products in order to learn more about safety… Which would have been super helpful when I first started to travel with my pup, Levi. Here you can find more about the best crates, carriers, and harnesses.

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2. Rescue Rides. Subaru’s work with the ASPCA was another I could relate to. I found my dog Levi while vacationing on a small island in Greece and I knew that if I didn’t take him home with me, he would most likely end up in a kill shelter. Unfortunately this isn’t an uncommon situation in the US as well. To help combat this issue, Subaru has partnered with the ASPCA to launch Rescue Rides. Rescue Rides is an initiative to move animals at high-risk shelters to shelters where they have a better chance of finding homes.

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3. Pilots N Paws. Subaru is also a sponsor of an incredible transport program,  Pilots N Paws. Pilots N Paws  completes large-scale pet transports with the help of volunteer pilots and plane owners. Since 2009 the program has helped transport 75,000 animals and has conducted 10,425 rescue missions!

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At Bark & Co. our entire mission is to make dogs happy and healthy. We love honoring companies that devote time and resources to these worthy causes that are so close to our hearts. To learn more about Subaru and view all of the causes included in their pet philanthropy initiatives visit

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