Tiny Tiger Rejected By His Mom Finds New Hope With Doting Labrador Mama

The world is full of cat vs. dog jokes. We joke about the frenemies frequently, but one thing we’ve noticed is that canines always seem to have love affairs with a very particular type of feline – the giant wild kind of feline.

lab and cheetah 3

The story of Genie, a Labrador, and a baby tiger rejected by his mother goes much further than the typical BFFs. The little cub thinks that Genie is his mom and Genie thinks that the tiny tiger is her son. She even nurses him.

Watch the video above to see Genie and her cub (pup?) snuggle and play at their home at the Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahlay Zoo in India. We hope there are lots more videos of them in the future so that we can watch the cup (cub + pup = cup!) grow up!

h/t Little Things.