A Viral Hashtag Campaign Rescued this Pup’s Life

A Viral Hashtag Campaign Rescued this Pup’s Life

Imagine you are out on a walk with your pup, and you turn round only to realise that your buddy has disappeared. Well , that’s exactly what happened to Adam Nolan as he and his dog, Jasper, climbed England’s highest peak this week.

After a frantic search, Noland turned to social media to connect with others in the area, hoping they could help him find his beloved pup. The story touched the hearts of dog lovers everywhere and the hashtag #findjasper soon went viral, getting hundreds of thousands of shares and bringing together a community to search for Jasper.

The search drew a few dead ends and unconfirmed sightings, but after four days Jasper was spotted by a member of the public, and the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team was called in to rescue Noland’s four-legged friend. Jasper was said to be a little cold but in good condition. Watch the BBC’s interview of Noland, below, to hear more about yesterday’s incredible rescue effort.

As you can imagine, Noland was over the moon to be reunited with his pup.


He was so grateful to the Wasdale Mountain Rescue volunteers that he has set up a JustGiving page to help them raise money for a new base. The fund has already raised over £42,000!

We couldn’t be happier that Jasper is home safe and sound – it’s amazing what the power of social media and a dedicated community can do.

Images via Adam Noland & h/t to BBC News