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As a preface to these photos, please scroll below this gallery to read these pups' story.
Little Hannah was so badly matted she could not move to eat or drink.
As vets removed her fur, they discovered she had wounds all over her body.
Beneath a large patch, everyone discovered just how emaciated she was.
Source: TAF/Facebook
Halfway through Hannah’s grooming, vets had to stop as they saw her skin condition.
She was immediately treated by emergency care workers.
Here, you can see just how thick the fur on her legs was.
And just how emaciated and malnourished she had become.
Source: TAF/Facebook
Hannah began to improve in spirits and health after she could finally rest.
We would have never guessed such a tiny thing was hidden somewhere under all that matted fur.
Source: TAF/Facebook
At the time, you could still see the sadness in her eyes.
Finally, Hannah returned to the rescue a much healthier pup.
And then there was Buddy. This is how he looked when he arrived at TAF.
Buddy's fur actually cocooned his entire body.
You can see just how compacted it was against his skin.
The mats were so close, no air could get beneath them.
As vets removed Buddy's fur, they discovered his skin had turned to almost a "tissue paper" thickness, and he was in a lot of pain.
Source: TAF/Facebook
The mound of mats removed was almost as big as Buddy himself.
Source: TAF/Facebook
His teeth, too, were so bad that 17 had to be removed and one fell out on its own.
Source: TAF/Facebook
Buddy felt a lot better when he woke up from sedation, after vets were able to shave him the rest of the way.
Source: TAF/Facebook
Back at the vet's office, he grew to enjoy all the gentle affection.
Source: TAF/Facebook
Doing much better, Buddy and Hannah enjoyed hanging out with some of the other rescue dogs at TAF.
Source: TAF/Facebook
They learned to come out of their shells and experience what it's like to be loved.
Source: TAF/Facebook
No one would dare separate them, and so it was when they found their new family.
Source: TAF/Facebook
Their dad loves them dearly.
Source: TAF/Facebook
And their new brother, Michael, is no different.
Buddy and Hannah found their forever home after much suffering, but they know it's nothing a little love and patience can't cure. Congratulations to the humans and pups!
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Vets Uncover Two Very Small, Neglected Dogs Beneath Massive Piles Of Matted Fur

Hannah and 14-year-old Buddy came from two different shelters, both were horribly matted and in immediate need of help. According to Trio Animal Foundation’s Facebook page, rescuers believe the dogs healed each other, and that “perhaps that is what they needed to make it through the atrocities that they had lived.”

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Almost Unrecognizable As A Dog, This Matted Ball Of Fur Transforms Into A Happy Pup

Just as both dogs were ready to leave the hospital, TAF was touched by an adoption application. They wrote:

A loving father and mother took a 12-year-old boy into their home after tragic circumstances left him to grow up in and out of abusive foster homes since the day that he was born in Cook County Jail. After taking on unfathomable hurdles for the past 17 years, their son is now an honor roll student who is lettering in 3 varsity sports and is college bound. Surely, our Hannah and Buddy would be blessed to be part of this family.

When the day came for Hannah and Buddy to meet their furever family, it was an amazing experience, and we don’t know if they could be any happier together. Take a look through the gallery at the top of this post to see just how far these pups came to get their happy ending.

Feature Image & H/T: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook