Unidentified Union soldier with a dog, circa 1861-1865.
People have been dressing their dogs up for portraits since at least 1905, back when taking a photo was a huge deal.
Umberto Nobile, Arctic explorer and aeronautical engineer, poses with his pup Titina in 1926.
Grace Coolidge, former First Lady, hanging out with two pups.
"An Old sea dog," 1905
Bobbie poses in a top hat with his humans. Taken between 1900 and 1910.
"Girl dressed in a pierrot costume with a small black dog on her lap." Taken between 1900 and 1920.
American opera singer Bessie Abott poses with her beloved pooch between 1910-1915.
This Bulldog looks dapper in his gentledog outfit. Circa 1905.
This picture of President Herbert Hoover with his Belgian Shepherd, King Tut, helped him win the hearts of American dog lovers in the 1920s.
Greyhounds have always been big derpfaces, as seen in this 1942 picture.
This Saint Bernard, named Scipio, belonged to Orville Wright, of Wright Brothers fame.
This photo, circa 1922, shows opera singer and actress Geraldine Farrar with her pooch.
1914 photo of a Frenchie with her owner, Marion Simpson. Believed to be from the French Bulldog Club of America Show.
"I have seen many things in my day. You young pups have it easy." Circa 1905.
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#Throwback Fursday: 15 Amazing Vintage Dog Pics

Featured image via Library of Congress