12 Thoughts You Have When Someone Asks You “What Kind Of Dog Is That?”

12 Thoughts You Have When Someone Asks You “What Kind Of Dog Is That?”

Mixed-breed dog owners are are always being asked what kind of pup their mutt is. Not all of us know, but here’s the subtext behind some of our shrugs.

1. I have no idea.

“My vet told me she’s part Corgi, part Internet meme.”


2. No, I haven’t bought a DNA kit yet.

“I’m telling you, the results will come back ‘human in a dog costume.'”


3. Meh. Who cares?

“All I know is he’s my soulmutt.”

4. “Oh, boy. Um, well… how much time you got???”

5. If I say “Pit Bull” are you going to say something about them being “mean” and force me to go on my misunderstood-pitbull rant?


6. The non-conformist kind.

7. Not sure–but if you have 45 minutes I’d be happy to go through my list of theories and reasonings behind each. Take a seat.

“The markings look like a German Shepherd, but the eyes are all Ziggy Stardust.”

8. If I just say he’s a “Snickerdoodle McFlurry SoundHound of Baskerville”–will you believe me?

“They’re very rare.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 2.16.21 PM

9. This time I am just saying “mutt” and I’m leaving it at that.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.46.15 PM

10. I can’t say. She doesn’t define herself with socio-normative breed names.

11. The BEST kind of dog!

Cue the Bruno Mars music.

BONUS for all the spotted-mutt owners…

12. You’re about to ask me if he’s a Dalmatian, aren’t you?

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