Incredible Woman Pays Over $1000 To Save Hundreds of Dogs From Yulin Festival

Incredible Woman Pays Over $1000 To Save Hundreds of Dogs From Yulin Festival

An extraordinary woman is doing what many dog ruvers wish they could have. Yang Xiaoyun has purchased as many dogs as possible ahead of the Yulin Festival in China. The 65-year old saved 360 dogs from the festival just last year.

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The retired school teacher saved up 50,000 Yuan (approx. $8,000 dollars) for her mission. She traveled 1,652 miles from her home town in Tinajin to Yulin. She purchased dogs directly from traders, and brought them to her safe house.

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Yang truly is every dog ruver’s dream. As if she wasn’t already enough of an inspiration, she runs a shelter she founded called “Common House” which is home to over 1,000 dogs and 200 cats. She started the organization after she quickly saved a kitten she saw being tossed into a river. The kitten was Yang’s first rescue and she hasn’t stopped since.

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Each morning, Yang wakes up at 5am and works until 10pm at night. She eats only one meal a day but cooks two meals for the entire pup population living in her very full house. Each meal takes about eight hours to prepare since there are so many dog on mouths to feed.

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Most of the dogs that are brought to the shelter are either disabled or in need of intense medical attention. Even with her limited resources, Yang has never turned any of them away.

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“I hope to start a dog breed centre as well as a vegetarian restaurant in Yulin. I hope the locals can gradually accept our culture through them and to learn to love dogs.” –Yang Xiaoyun

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Here is a video of this animal rescuing lady who has sacrificed so much to help the pups who need her most.

To donate to her cause and help save more pups, click here or visit the World Grassroots Alliance for Paws in China.

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