Happy Thursday from the Road!

Happy Thursday from the Road!

Today we are so excited to share a story with you! We’ve been asking our new friends how “Tuna has melted your heart” and we’ve been so encouraged with the responses!

In Grand Rapids, we met a lovely family with two darling daughters named Madeline and Kambrie who love Tuna! This is what they shared with us!

“We are Tuna’s “biggest” fans! Every night we start our bedtime routine: Brush teeth, check! Go potty, check! Climbinto bed and say our prayers, check! Look at picture of Tuna and see how his day was, check! Such a blessing in our household, we include him in our prayers every night! Thank you for these memories Tuna!”

We can’t wait to see all of you in Chicago!

And if you’re interested in attending the dinner and helping us raise money for PAWS Chicago, snag a ticketĀ here!