How to Get Free BarkBoxes: By Scout

How to Get Free BarkBoxes: By Scout

Hello BarkBoxers,

Scout here. Now you know I’m not one to flood your inbox or RSS feed with useless frivolity, so there is an important reason why I am taking time away from my R&D duties to compose this message. (All toys and treats will be tested adequately, of course.)

I am very excited to announce the BarkBox referral program where you can earn free BarkBoxes simply by sharing your BarkBox experience with your friends. It’s really that simple. (You know your dog wants more BarkBoxes. Who wouldn’t want something paw-selected by me?)

Stick with me, Marley, and I’ll show you how to get the free BarkBoxes.

You can share with friends and earn a free month for every friend who signs up. Just visit (you may need to login first). From there you can tweet it, post it on Facebook, type in a friend’s email address, or simply copy and paste your link wherever you’d like.

For every friend that signs up through a link you share, they get $5 off their first order and you get a free month of BarkBox. That’s it!

So share the awesomeness of all my hard work at BarkBox and make sure your dog stays happy with future free BarkBoxes!

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