11 Dogs Revealing Their True Selves

11 Dogs Revealing Their True Selves


A few months back we saw this trend of dogs in panty hose floating around the Internet. While at first we thought, “Sheesh, what a vile thing for a human to do to a dog.” But then we thought, what if these is the dogs’ true selves…

Warning: This post is NSFW (but only if you work with/for dogs).

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1. Bryon

“Draw like one of your French girls.”

2.  Monty


3. Maibeline

“The girl at Vicky C’s said they make my legs look longer.”

4. Cassandra


“I thought I’d take some Dogbonair pictures for my husband, Wainwright.”

5. Jasper

“What? They said I was a C.”


6. Misty


7. Sophie

“Promise me this won’t end up online.”

8. Buster

“Let ’em bark. I’m comfortable with my body.”

9. Carlos

“Wow. I’m gonna be honest: I did not think anyone else was home.”

10. Joshua


11. Giselle

“Back at obedience school, they said I was weird. What they meant was: I’m fabulous.”