13 Dogs Who Are Ready For A Great Puppy Adventure

13 Dogs Who Are Ready For A Great Puppy Adventure

This post is pawwred by Barbie™& Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure! Buy it now on DVD!

Flashlight…. Check!
A nose to sniff out a chest full of treasures…. Check!

Barbie, her sisters and a few of our favorite Instagram dogs are setting off on a Great Puppy Adventure! (Because what better way is there to find a chest full of treats treasure?!)

These dogs used the exclusive Barbie sticker pack (found in the BarkCam app) to join in on the fun. Check out a few of our favorites who #barkforbarbie below!

1. “Treasure…is that another word for food?”

new b4

2. “Digging? Hunting? Searching for buried things?! Sign us up!”

new b17

3.”I feel like it’s at the tip of my nose…”


4.”So there are treats in this chest right?”

new b6

5. “Did anyone pack the snacks? We need snacks!”

new b13
6. “Does this involve squirrels?”

new b11

7. “Can someone drive this car?”

new b15

8. “Follow me pups, I’ll sniff out the trail!”

new b14

9. “If I could ride a bike this would be SO much faster…”

new b3

10. “Treasure hunt!? After this nap fur sure…”

new b2

11. “This scarf brings out my adventurous side.”

new b7

12. “Why are you taking pictures? We have treasure to find!”

new b10

13. “Map? That’s what I have a nose for!”

barbie rocco

This post is pawwred by Barbie™& Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure! Want to join in on the adventure? It’s not too late! The BarkCam app is offering an exclusive Barbie sticker pack for free! Download the app and use your favorite stickers to have your dog sniff for treasure, and lend a paw to these pups! Be sure to use #barkforbarbie when posting any and all #barkforbarbie adventure photos!