1. This dog was the Wizard from “The Wizard of Oz”. Sorry to expose the dog behind the curtain, but it needed to be done.
2. Good old Uncle Sam was reborn in the form of this patriotic pup.Uncle Sam has morphed into a friendlier, more flamboyant version of himself ever since his soul was birthed into the body of this dog.
3. ET was born again as this derpy nugget. Their essences are one.
4. This floof radiates the soul of funny-man Eugene Levy …which is kinda strange considering Levy is still kickin’. (Reincarnation is a complicated process and it’d take far too long to explain the physics behind it all in a listicle. Please just trust me.)
5. Hugh Glass from the Oscar winning film, “The Revenant” has been reincarnated into this giant, snowy, black fur-bucket. It’s just man vs. wild. And also dog vs. wild.
6. This dog’s soul is that of Stanley Ipkiss from the 1994 hit “The Mask."
Leo from “That 70s Show." “My tombstone didn’t say ‘RIP,’ man. It said ‘BRB.'”
8. When Prince Eric impaled Ursula‘s tummy with his ship’s splintered bow at the end of “The Little Mermaid,” the sea witch was born again as this pooch.
9. This dog may not know how to drive a DeLorean, but he he definitely has the soul of Doc from “Back to the Future." Great Scott! We are one!
10. Someone had to be reincarnated as Nosferatu, and this dingus drew the short straw.
11. Full disclosure: This is my dog. And I know for certain that inside her lives the soul of Tom from “Tom and Jerry”.
12. Like Eugene Levy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is definitely still alive… But somehow this dog shares his soul. They’ve both been blessed in the gam department. Can you say, “Ah-OOH-gah!”?!
13. And finally, the Lisa Frank Leopard from her batty, colorful, fever dream artwork has been reincarnated as this dalmatian. This leopard’s soul will also continue to live on forever via many 5th grade girls’ trapper keepers.
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13 Lives These Dogs Lived in a Past Life

You don’t have to believe in reincarnation to know there’s more to these puppers than meets the eye. Here are 13 dogs and the things they were in a past life.

heisenburgerballs/Imgur & Lisa Frank