13 Reasons Snoop Dogg Is Probably Actually A Dog

13 Reasons Snoop Dogg Is Probably Actually A Dog

“1,2,3 and to the four, Snoop Doggy Dog and Dr. Dre are at the door!”, possibly because they have to go for a walk.

Totally kidding, everyone knows that Snoop Dogg (we’re PURPOSEFULLY ignoring that time he became “Snoop Lion” for about six months after he went to Jamaica. Dark times. Dark, dark times) is just the name of a rapper…

Or is he?

After doing some intensive research (Googling “snoop dogg is real dog?”), we now have some convincing evidence that Snoop may in fact be a literal dog. Hit play on his song “Woof” (don’t worry, its the clean version so it’s okay for any puppy ears) and we’ll let you decide for yourself:


Here are 13 reasons we suspect Snoop Dogg is an actual dog.

1. Does he “drop it” like it’s hot or because he’s actually a Dachshund?

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 5.20.21 PM

2. He’s mastered that “I totally just did something bad but you don’t know what” face that all dogs have.


3. This is more than an uncanny resemblance. This is a doggy conspiracy to take over the rap world.


4. He’s got that “puppy head tilt” down.


5. Is it Photoshop? Or is it THE TRUTH?


6. They’ve caught this transformation on video, what more proof do you need?


7. He even snarls.


8. This shirt knows what’s up. We should probably tell someone/ make sure he’s vaccinated.

dogg tee

9. Case in point. He has a lovely fur coat.

snoop dogg fur coat

10. Here he is (in a fur coat again!) dancing exactly how my dog would dance at a party.


11. This is taken directly from his instagram. I’m going to assume it’s a selfie.


12. He brings this guy up on stage at his concerts. I think it’s to distract us from finding out that he is in fact, a dog in a man costume.


13. Let’s just ask him. Snoop are you possibly a real dog?


Case closed.

Featured Image via Pinstake