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1. “Is there such a thing as being too fluffy?”
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2. “I know we’re not going to the park.”
3. “If I bury a bone and forget about it, does it still exist?”
4. “Oh my god, I have been overcompensating for my size.”
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5. “If I can’t eat poop, then why is it so delicious?”
Source: @morganloghry
6. “If the universe if infinite, does that mean there’s an entire land full of nothing but hot dogs and tacos?”
Source: @sally_sad_eyes
7. “I wonder if it’s too late for a career change.”
Source: @nickcarver
8. “If the mailman only comes when I’m alone, does that mean he’s in love with me?”
9. “When human brings questionable dates home, why do they insist on ignoring my silent look of disdain?”
Source: @prattastic15
10. “This time, what if they don’t come back?”
Source: @tobias_fox
11. “I want to see Paris.”
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12. “If the glass is half full, does that mean I can knock it over and drink it?“
13. “How come no one appreciates the presents I bring them?”
Source: @kentward11
14. “If human walks me, then who walks the cows?”
15. “What do squirrels do all night if there’s no one around to play with them?
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15 Dogs Having An Existential Crisis

Never underestimate your dog. Those times they stare at you, silently judging you with the windows of their soul, they’re thinking of profound questions about the universe. Don’t believe us? Here’s 15 of them.

Featured image via @morganloghry