Charlie derps so hard his humans had to make a collage out of it. #SignsYoureADingus
Two balls, one pup.
Source: @goodgirlkobe
Leave it a dingus named Kobe to do the least athletic thing that has ever been photographed.
His name is Graphite Falmen Squatchhunter. That sounds like a character from Lord Of The Dingus.
Oh look another dingus who derped so much his hoomans had to make a dingus collage.
Source: @kaylacliftonxo
Some people put lavender on their pillows, Clifton prefers the smell of athlete's foot. #NotJudging #YouDoYou
Source: @faces.of.kona
Go home Kona, you're drunk. No you're not. You're just being a dingus.
Classic dingus treat face. Just yearning with desire in the most awkward way possible.
Source: @myspoiledpups
This will be the next cover of Sports Illustrated: Dingus Edition
When you want something but you don't know how to ask cause you awkward.
The level of dingus in this picture should be illegal.
Source: @theshabbylab
This is what I call "upsiderping". To derp, upside down.
Source: @titusthelab
My, what nice neck folds you have, dingus.
Source: @tucker_vizsla
This dingus is not amused.
There's no way this dingus is not ripping a massive fart on this couch. Respect, Penelope. Respect.
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