15 Dog Paintings That Are Completely Ridiculous

15 Dog Paintings That Are Completely Ridiculous

Sometimes you can love your dog too much, like when you commit him to canvas for eternity. Whether masterful or folksy, all of these paintings are totally ridiculous.

1. This classic painting is titled “English-Speaking Dog Begs For Steak And Gives A Paw Whilst Wearing A Red Bow Tie Surrounded By Smurf-Blue Drips”.

pet me now

2. What your face looks like if you asked for a bone for your birthday, and got a portrait of yourself dressed like Napoleon instead. 

3. Because painting your dog with a dead rabbit in its mouth isn’t as aesthetically pleasing. 

4. That could be a thermometer in this dog’s mouth, except wrong end–so let’s all assume he is vaping.

dog painting 1

5. If the dog eats the slipper, is it cannibalism?

6. The martini is what the artist was drinking while he painted this–just a thought.

yorkie painting

7. The hardest part about painting this dog, was training the model not to eat his monocle.

8. In his painting “The Grinch Stole Santa’s Beard And Fez”, the artist captured the feeling of what it’s like to be Shrek’s dog.

9. The eyes are a bit crossed, otherwise, I’d say the artist totally nailed “Sombrero With Havanese” — boom!

10. Funny, this doesn’t look like a Saint Bernard.

jesus dog

11. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and dogs are man’s best friend, then are pearls a dog’s best friend? Discuss.

12. It’s not bad form — it’s called “artistic license” when you omit the dog’s spit stains and tonsils from your painting.

yawning dog

13. Either the artist was going for Weimaraners in sun hats, or Bonnie and Clyde’s dogs have finally been captured–phew! 

dogs in hats

14. This dog is worried he’ll never live up to the greatness of his great pappy, Ewok.


15. But in the end, and I know this is hard to swallow, fellow artists, but your dog hates your art. They’ll just eat it once your back is turned.


Featured image via Imgur