15 Dogs With The Most Unreasonable Phobias Of Everyday Things

15 Dogs With The Most Unreasonable Phobias Of Everyday Things

Pineapples, stuffed toys, and feathers are just a few of the weirdo things that send these puppers running. They’ll do just about anything to avoid their worst fears and look way cuter than any hooman could while doing it.

Here are 15 pup-phobias plaguing dogs everywhere.

1. Bathmophobia: Fear of stairs or steep slopes.

“Er, no one told me about this going back down situation…”

2. Fear of hiccups

“Hey! Who said that!?”

3. Fear of slow-moving (or stationary) objects.

coke dog

Slow motion, move it slow motion for me.

4. Herpetophobia: Fear of reptiles.

“What even ARE you?!”

5. Pteronophobia: Fear of feathers.

“How is it moving?!”

6. Zuigerphobia: Fear of vacuums.

Spotted! Strange metal intruder, attack!

7. Catoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors.


“Hey, who invited this jerk?”

8. Globophobia: Fear of balloons.

“This is pure insanity.”

9. Pediophobia: Fear of dolls (or stuffed toys!)

“This house is only big enough for one fluff-ball.”

10. There isn’t an official word for this one, possibly because it’s so ridiculous, but here’s a dog with a fear of pineapples.

“Why is it so spiky?!”

11. Fear of hairbrushes

“You shall not groom me!”

12. Astraphobia: Fear of thunder and lightning.

dog rain

“Do. Not. Want.”

13. Crabs

dog crab

“Watch out! These rocks are dangerous…”

14. Kittens (Or Tiny Furballs of Doom)

new cat

“Paw swatting demon, this is not over.”

15. Fear of Julia Roberts


Feature image via @harlowandsage